Uke and the adaptation

Uke and the adaptation

UKE, Aikido practitioner who attacks and subsequently receives the technique

In the practice of Aikido the behavior and adaptation of Uke has a direct relationship with his present emotional state and his character.

The practice in receiving Aikido techniques is the tool with which we will learn to adapt to everyday challenges (joys, anger, aggressions, pressures,…)

Faced with a situation “unpleasant and unexpected,” we can have different reactions; accept or not accept initially the situation / challenge that life has given us.

  • Accepting the situation is the way to manage it at the moment.
  • Not accepting the situation means “suffering”, anger, helplessness, which can cause aggression, sadness, …

Uke’s “role” training provides learning to adapt at different levels of training; speed, power, intensity, …

This practice provides control of emotions, which will allow us to adapt more easily to the challenges of training and daily life.

The control of emotions and instantaneous adaptability make life easier, since we assume and accept the challenges of life to be able to manage them, as soon as possible and thus, not have to go through expendable suffering and anger.

Our behavior in the practice of any technique and training of Aikido shows who we are in the present moment, allowing our self, constantly growing with training and assimilated experiences.

It is well known the sentence “ADAPT OR DIE

AIKIDO, The Way of the Energy Union

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