Estudy of the Martial Art

Study of the Martial Art


Aikido Figueres has  6 basic movements. They are a very important tool for the study of this Martial Art in Yoshinkan School.

  • Tai ho henko
  • Hiriki no Yossei
  • Shumatsu dossa
  • Kihon dossa Renzoku

In these basic movements are materialized the two basic principles of Aikido practice and study;

  • Irimi
  • Tenkan

The basic movements are worked alone or with a partner (Sotai dossa).

Working them alone, we learn self-coordination by means of  conscious control of the lower body, which naturally causes a reaction and conscious movement on top of the body.

Working with a partner or Sotai dossa, they offer us the possibility to check our stability, coordination and power with a partner or opponent.

All the aspects of “Aiki” (join the energy) included in the general practice of Aikido, can be found in the practice of  basic movements in Aikido Figueres.

By practicing these basic movements we learn all the possible and natural movements that the human body can perform, maintaining its stability, coordination, power and preparation for immediate reaction.

As long as Aikido Figueres has some basic movements, it also offers basic techniques (kihon waza).

The basic techniques of the School are in straigh relationship with the basic movements. Each of these techniques is build  from the concatenation of different parts of different basic movements linked consecutively.

Most based techniques, about 80%, are worked standing (tachi waza) and kneeling (suwari waza).

Do not forget that both the basic techniques and the basic movement are the BASIS that we must create and learn to move  correctly and coordinately our bodies. When the body will have learnt the basic movements, we’ll be able to forget them. It will require that the body forgets the basis in a natural way, a clear sign that it has already learned and integrated it into its natural movement.

During the practice, we end the techniques with a control (ossaé) of our partner on the ground or projecting  him(Nague). This is the reason of the importance of  falls (ukemi) in the Aikido practice.