Tension and flexibility in Aikido

The combination of flexibility and tension, provides a correct body adaptation according to the need of the moment.
Following the universal principle of Yin and Yang, the tension and flexibility of the body, will alternate their roles and activity, according to the need of the moment.

Just as at the end of the day (yang), comes the night (yin), after the tension, comes the plasticity, roles that combine infinitely in the figures of Shite and Uke in all their movements and actions.
They are independent and complementary roles.

AI KI (union of energy) > For this union to be possible, we will use the combination of tension, flexibility and, our great ally, breathing.
The strength of individuals goes through a good adaptation to the environment and situations. If there is no flexibility, there is no adaptation. With rigidity, there is no adaptation.

Adaptation to the environment

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