Energy / “Ki”

The practice of any sport facilitates the movement and evacuation of Energy (Ki).

The practice of Aikido provides control and management of this energy. More than evacuation, this practice ensures circulation of Ki, doing so is never a complete evacuation or emptying.

The movement and the constant renewal of Ki is what makes the difference between a sport and a Martial Art like Aikido.

With the pattern that marks learning in Aikido Figueres is possible to get an alignment of the body that ensures the circulation of energy and connection with Heaven and Earth.

The fact that training  with open hands, guarantees  Ki circulation.

The practice of Aikido is performed with bare feet in contact with the ground, from which we get the energy to be able to channel and express with the body.

In controls (dislocations) applied in training, we transmit our energy to our partner.

Tumbling / falls (ukemi) present in the training are an important tool that ensures other energy circulation. They provide an ideal body tension for good contact with the soil.

The physical posture practice facilitates developing our body coordination, stability, control of breathing and emotions.

There is no competition in Aikido practice, a fact that enhances self-progress, and helps the other fellow to grow and strive. Without competition disappears or loses consciousness, the concept or idea of ​​winning and losing and the implied impact that this might entail.