Benefits of Aikido practice

The recommended age to start practicing Aikido is about 13-14 years old. Through an exercise of wrist, elbow and shoulder’s joints luxation, it is possible to neutralize the opponent’s attack by following the teaching and direct observation of the instructor.

There is not a maximum age for practicing Aikido.

Even at advanced ages, people can practice as long as the physical cinditions and capabilities of each person are kept in mind.

Aikido Figueres, following the way of Yoshinkan School, focuses on the more technical part of this Martial Art, which means neglecting the physical strength in furtherhance of developing the technique.

No physical strength is necessary to learn and practice Aikido.

The practice of Aikido developes and awakes very necessary values in our current society;

  • Respect. Towards all training partners,the instructor and the room where we carry out thetraing(dojo).
  • Humility.  Shown constantly thanking the advice given by Sempais and the instructor during the training.
  • Generosity. We offer our body to facilitate the partner’s learning and development.
  • Hygiene.  We will always practice with Dogui(kimono) clean and in good condition. Fingernails and toenailsmust be clean and well cut, to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Order.We will place zoris(slippers) ordered at the entrance of the mat.At the beginning and at end of each class we will place ourselves in the order established  according to the label of Aikido.
  • Punctuality. We will try to arrive to the Dojo a few minutes before the class time and will sit in seiza(kneeling), waiting for the beginning  of the training.
  • Patience. We will discover and develop patience while practicing with our partners, especially when working with less experienced partners, with whom we should be more careful and should show them the beginnings of Aikido, so that in the future,they can pass on their knowledge to other partners.
  • Love.  Aikido provides a more extensive concept of love that the one commonly known. An act of love is an act of generosity, respect, support, forgiveness, all them very present at anytime during the training.

Aikido iscalled themartial artof non violence.

We must never forget that we practice a Martial Art.

Martial Arts are known as the School of Life.

If you feel kike, you are invited to attend a training session in Aikido Figueres.

You can contact us and we will schedule a date.