Aikido in Figueres

Iban Galindo began studying and practicing Aikido in Girona in 1998, with the teacher  Jacques Muguruza Sensei, 7th Dan in Yoshinkan Aikido School, direct student of  Shioda Gozo Sensei.

Galindo introduced  Aikido in Figueres in 2004, under the supervision of Muguruza Sensei.

In 2008, once the supervision of Muguruza Sensei was completed, Iban Galindo got in charge and became the only instructor of Aikido Dojo in Figueres, located in the fitness Savas.

On 2/08/2011, Yasuhisa Shioda, responsible for Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo (kancho), recognized Iban Galindo and made him responsible for Yoshinkan Aikido in Spain.

Iban Galindo continues his practice, learning and developing  Aikido, giving to anyone who wishes the chance to discover all the qualities and values that the continued practice of this Martial Art provides.