Aikido benefits

La práctica del Aikido se realiza descalzo, con los pies desnudos.

El desplazamiento en contacto suave con el suelo al practicar Aikido, masajea la planta de los pies, muy beneficioso para los órganos internos del cuerpo.

La reflexología masajea la planta de los pies para sanar y curar los óganos internos del cuerpo humano. 

Cada órgano está reflejado en un lugar concreto de la planta del pie.

Al igual que la reflexología, los desplazamientos circulares y sinuosos en Aikido, producen masajes continuos y agradables de los cuales salen beneficiados nuestros órganos internos.

El roce suave con el suelo, los cambios de presión a través de la flexión de las rodillas, las extensiones controladas de las piernas i el resto del cuerpo,  proporcionan un masaje agradable para el cuerpo entero, órganos internos y musculatura exterior.

Este es uno de los infinitos beneficios de la práctica del Aikido.

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Uke and the adaptation

Uke and the adaptation

UKE, Aikido practitioner who attacks and subsequently receives the technique

In the practice of Aikido the behavior and adaptation of Uke has a direct relationship with his present emotional state and his character.

The practice in receiving Aikido techniques is the tool with which we will learn to adapt to everyday challenges (joys, anger, aggressions, pressures,…)

Faced with a situation “unpleasant and unexpected,” we can have different reactions; accept or not accept initially the situation / challenge that life has given us.

  • Accepting the situation is the way to manage it at the moment.
  • Not accepting the situation means “suffering”, anger, helplessness, which can cause aggression, sadness, …

Uke’s “role” training provides learning to adapt at different levels of training; speed, power, intensity, …

This practice provides control of emotions, which will allow us to adapt more easily to the challenges of training and daily life.

The control of emotions and instantaneous adaptability make life easier, since we assume and accept the challenges of life to be able to manage them, as soon as possible and thus, not have to go through expendable suffering and anger.

Our behavior in the practice of any technique and training of Aikido shows who we are in the present moment, allowing our self, constantly growing with training and assimilated experiences.

It is well known the sentence “ADAPT OR DIE

AIKIDO, The Way of the Energy Union

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In summer, Aikido Figueres Do Not Stop training

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Yoshinkan Catalunya

Stage on january 2019 in Fontajau, Girona

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Bushi code (Samurai)

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Share is to grow

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Attention, intention and Aikido

Activates and awakens attention and intention through the practice of Aikido.
They are two very necessary states in the day to day but, you have to activate them to take advantage of them.

Currently there is too much concern in doing things in a hurry, to finish quickly.
This rush to quickly complete the actions, supposes not being able to pay the necessary attention and, therefore, not to apply the necessary intention in the acts.

Attention allows us to be aware of what we are doing and of our environment.
The intention is the way in “how” we perform the actions.
The sum of these two states allows us to be here and now at all times.

Practice Aikido !!

Osu !!

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Tension and flexibility in Aikido

The combination of flexibility and tension, provides a correct body adaptation according to the need of the moment.
Following the universal principle of Yin and Yang, the tension and flexibility of the body, will alternate their roles and activity, according to the need of the moment.

Just as at the end of the day (yang), comes the night (yin), after the tension, comes the plasticity, roles that combine infinitely in the figures of Shite and Uke in all their movements and actions.
They are independent and complementary roles.

AI KI (union of energy) > For this union to be possible, we will use the combination of tension, flexibility and, our great ally, breathing.
The strength of individuals goes through a good adaptation to the environment and situations. If there is no flexibility, there is no adaptation. With rigidity, there is no adaptation.

Adaptation to the environment

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